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Finnish Biochar Association organizes biochar related seminars and workshops. All members are welcome to our events.

Finnish Biochar Seminars are international and concentrate on analyzing the overall development of the biochar industry for example through latest research results. 

Finnish Biochar Workshops concentrate on on networking and getting to know more about biochar production, applications and biochar based products.

News & Events

New visual look

New visual look

The association has now new website and logo. The logo has a shape of a benzene and the colors of the logo illustrate the origin of biochar and its multiple applications. Welcome to our new website!

Past events



4th Finnish Biochar Seminar

11.12.2018, University of Helsinki, Viikki

On 11th December 2018, already fourth Finnish Biochar Seminar was held in Viikki, Helsinki. The AgriChar research group & Finnish Biochar Association were happy to host this, already traditional, event! 

As usual, the event was a meeting point for networking and hearing the latest research and pilot case highlights from Finnish and Nordic research groups.

Historically, we had participants from five countries: all over Finland, but also from Estonia, Sweden, Norway and even from Egypt!

We are grateful to all the presenters for high-quality presentations!

3rd Finnish Biochar Workshop

28.03.2018, Biolan Oy, Eura

The event was organized by Finnish Biochar Association and hosted by Biolan Oy, in their innovative eco-building. The location and host were the perfect match for us as just few months ago, the Biolan’s biochar-containing Istutusmulta was selected as the Gardening Product of the Year 2018 of Finland!

As usual, we had participants representing the whole Finnish biochar sector: several Finnish companies present (but also from Estonia, Latvia and Russia), researchers and local municipalities. The two sessions provided overview of the state of art of biochar research (amazing 1000+ papers publishe d in first three months of 2018!), also biochar availability and opportunities-challenges and pilot cases in Finland.

The examples of new research projects included the Biopeitto project (using biochar in covering the mining industries residues) that could skyrocket the biochar markets in five years’ time and the pilot case study of using biochar in stormwater cleaning in Helsinki). Our host Hannamaija Fontell presented us thoroughly the history of the company and its biochar use (first commercial growing media with biochar launched already in 2014!) and naturally answered many questions about the production of the Gardening Product of the Year, combination of biochar, mycorrhiza and other ingredients.


The presentations:


2nd Finnish Biochar Workshop

4.12.2017, Carbofex Oy, Tampere

We had participants representing the whole Finnish biochar sector: companies, researchers and local municipalities. The event was organized by Finnish Biochar Association and Forest Biochar research group of University of Helsinki and hosted by Carbofex Oy.

Our other host, the Hiedanranta project of the City of Tampere (read more about this piloting platform for creating smart and sustainable City district for circular economy where biochar is an important part of the story, here) offered us a nice conference room in the Kuivaamo, a venue that can host up to 1000 participants. This time we were not yet that many, but might well be in few years:

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