About us



The Finnish Biochar Association

The Finnish Biochar Associaton was founded on 18 March 2017 in Siuntio. On 30 May it was offically registered by Finnish Patent and Registration Office. Interested people or companies can be accepted as members after they have paid the membership fee. 

To fulfill the objectives, the FBA organizes workshops, educational activities and collecting of user experiences. The FBA co-operates with international biochar societies and initiatives. To support our activity, the FBA may publish publications, organize educational activities, accept donations and wills and own necessary real estate and other property.

The purpose of the Finnish Biochar Association

The objective of the Finnish Biochar Association is to enhance sustainable biochar production and use. The FBA enhances biochar research, information exchange and cooperation between stakeholders (e.g. researchers, companies, innovators and officials). Our task is, in co-operations with European and Finnish officials, to develop the quality and legislative criteria so that the production of biochar would base on ways of action that are sustainable, honour nature, enhance the environment and are in concert with European Biochar Certificate (EBC).

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